Teachers Training Programs

Creative Arts Teachers Training Program

The Creative Arts Teachers Workshop is a quarterly program organized by Devio Arts Centre, in collaboration with Mel Consult Limited. The program supports and trains Creative Arts Teachers in Ghana, through various hands-on and professional development activities aimed up upgrading their skills, to positively influence the leaning outcomes of their students, so that children can reach their full career potentials in the future.

Eighty (80) Teachers have been trained so far. These are direct beneficiaries who have acquired new teaching skills, to influence their students learning. Indirect beneficiaries are the students these Teachers engage, they would be able gain creative skills to reach their full career potentials in the future.

The greater indirect beneficiary is our local communities and entire nation, when you consider the long-term cultural shift that would occur in our educational system.


Adelaide Lamptey –Espo Best Child School

Comment: I liked the second part of the training, where we created our own story-character prototypes. I am going to share this experience with my students.


Cynthia Boakye- Golden Angel Montessori School

Comment: The entire training program was fulfilling, I have learnt how to add more creativity in my teaching. This would allow my students be more imaginative thinkers and problem-solvers.


Alberta A.Ahli- Selhurst Early Start Montessori

Comment: I did like the fact that the presentations was linked to real-world experiences and was very practical. I wish the workshop would be extended to three days next time.


Hellen Fofo Tetteh- Gerald International School

Comment: The Training workshop was very good, it has taught me many new skills and how to integrate technology in the classroom.


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